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Period Property Renovations

Period Property Renovation in East Sussex
Expert Building Contractor

Reactive Interiors Ltd specialises in period property renovations in the areas we cover throughout East Sussex. Period properties are not listed buildings, they are categorised as buildings that are characterised by a distinctive architectural style and were built during a specific time period, typically an era before World War I. Our team manages all building services required to restore and enhance these buildings.

We also offer listed building renovations and can work on numerous refurbishments and new builds.

Renovation Services

Reactive Interiors Ltd offers numerous renovation services to create spacious rooms, larger staircases, high ceilings and decorative bays and panes. Our building contractors can renovate and restore all types of period properties to their former glory.

The popular building services we offer include:

  • Brickwork

  • 1st- and 2nd Fix Plumbing and Electrics

  • Groundworks and Excavation

  • Foundations

  • Windows and Doors

  • Damp Courses

  • Insulation

  • Wiring and Lights

  • Plastering

  • Retaining Walls

  • Running Cables

  • Sockets and Fuseboards

  • Tiling

  • Ceilings

  • Staircases

We are happy to advise on every aspect of the services available to create your dream building in or around East Sussex.

Victorian Property Renovations

Our company manages various Victorian property renovations to meet customers’ needs and wants. The popular renovations Reactive Interiors Ltd manages include:

  • Gothic Revival Building Renovation

  • Jacobethan Building Renovation

  • Arts & Crafts Building Renovation

  • Art Nouveau Building Renovations

  • Terraced Building Renovations

Gothic Revival Building Renovations

These period properties typically have key features of pointed roofs, arches and stained glass windows. We assess the core aspects of the building, discuss the changes you want to make and create a plan for the work to build your dream home.

Jacobethan Building Renovations

Jacobethan buildings, also known as Tudorbethan, are one of the most popular styles across the UK. These castle-like structures often have intricate brickwork, high chimneys, steep roof gables and half-timbering. They can be updated to modern requirements whilst keeping their classic style.

Arts & Crafts Building Renovations

These small, cottage-style buildings typically have sloping roofs, wooden windows and showcase bare stone and brickwork. During renovations, the key aspects of the building can be protected whilst updating them to current requests.

Art Nouveau Building Renovations

Classic Art Nouveau buildings typically include stained glass, tiles, organic shapes, arches, curving lines, and fire surrounds. They often utilise more modern building materials, such as cast iron, and we can make further updates.

Terraced Building Renovations

Victorian builds were constructed as terraces, where the individual design of a house would be repeated over and over using identical features. Iron fireplace and tiled surrounds are often included.

Reactive Interiors can update all period properties across East Sussex to optimise functionality and aesthetic appeal. We will collaborate with you on period property renovations to fulfil your exact specifications.

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